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Entrepreneurs' Organization

I joined Entrepreneurs’ Organization in 2013 for two reasons. I wanted to be around people who were where I aspired to be and I wanted to connect with people from the same tribe as me! When I say the same tribe, I don’t mean a tribe from the same country, affluence, or religion. I mean a tribe of people who have the same mindset and heart. I wanted to connect with others who had a similar work ethic, a commitment to entrepreneurship and who were taking the same personal and business risks as I was.

Did it deliver? Yes, with over 12,000 members globally across 50 countries, generating over $500B there has been a big tribe to tap into that are doing incredible things in business, personally and for the community.

Over the short time that I have been involved (there are EOers who have been part of the organization for over 20 years), I have found mentors, business partners, friends, and learnt more about my business and myself than ever before. I have travelled globally to learn and be with other like-minded entrepreneurs and been educated in business strategies that I knew nothing of prior to EO. I have also started new businesses as a result of the inspiration and knowledge the organization has afforded me.

It is no surprise to my network that EO’s global reach has been a highlight. But for many EO is much more about the people they connect with in their local business community. It doesn’t really matter, as EO can offer an entrepreneur anything they need at any one time, which of course also changes throughout our business and life journey.

I actually remember being at a small business conference in 2009 and stumbling across an EO exhibit. I stood back behind the crowd lining up for information, knowing my business did not yet qualify. At that moment, I promised myself that one day I would get my business to a level that would be eligible for EO. Today I am very proud to sit on the EO Brisbane Board as the Membership Chair. The leadership pathways are incredible in this organization if you choose to take the time to contribute and I am so pleased I have as I am learning so much from the experience.

If you are interested in learning more about EO or want to have a chat with me, please connect. I would love to share the many benefits I have received as a result of being part of this global organization that is run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It has been a significant contributor to the success of my businesses today.

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