Friday Founders Message - Don't Compare Yourself To Others | Sue-Ellen Watts | No Plan B
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B1G1 Conference 7th-8th July, Gold Coast

Friday Founders Message – Don’t Compare Yourself To Others


“Don’t compare yourself to others…that’s a battle you will never win” – Michelle Parsons

One of the many things I love about our team is our diversity.  We all bring so many different skills, talents and perspectives to the table.  There is no one in this team that doesn’t add an element that no one else can.  This is what makes everyone so special.

The beauty in this is that we can all learn and grow from one another, regardless of how much we have in common, how experienced we are in our career or how old we are.  Right here in front of us as a treasure trove of knowledge to soak up.

If we spend time comparing ourselves to others, looking for fault in others or worrying about what others are doing it takes away from learning from those around us and embracing our differences for our own benefit.

As we lead into a relaxing weekend, please take a moment to think about the gold you receive daily from your team members, and if it feels right, perhaps send them a quick message to say thanks and tell them what you value in working alongside them.  I am sure they will be very grateful.


Have a great weekend.