Friday Founders Message - Enjoy the process | Sue-Ellen Watts | No Plan B
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Friday Founders Message – Enjoy the process

Morning All

Earlier in the year we heard the quote ‘Happiness is progress’. I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I work through my current workload.  It is all about progress. Am I making incremental, consistent steps forward, towards my goal?  There have been times recently, quite a lot actually, that I just haven’t felt like I am making progress. I have felt disheartened because my goals still feel so far away.

Ultimately I know I am making progress but I just can’t see a lot of evidence at the moment.  So how do I keep motivated and engaged if my goal doesn’t seem to be getting any closer.  What I realized is that the reward cannot be in reaching the goal, the reward needs to be in doing the process. I need to actually love the process, rather than just the reward of reaching the goal.

Let me use the analogy of a marathon, or perhaps a 10k run.  We train and struggle through to finally cross the finish line.  Thinking the reward is only in reaching that finish line.  If we don’t make it, none of those kilometres we did run were worth anything.  Obviously this is not right and is certainly not very empowering.  Actually I think the reward needs to be in doing the run. We need to love the run itself, not just crossing the line.

So as I struggle with my feeling of not enough progress, my goal this week is to just enjoy the process, enjoy the work I am doing now, rather than thinking I can only feel accomplished when I get to the end.

Have a great weekend everyone.  My weekend theme is, you guessed it, ‘progress’ or more eloquently put, to enjoy the journey not just the destination!


Love Sel