Friday Founders Message - Are You Living By Your Mantra? | Sue-Ellen Watts | No Plan B
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Friday Founders Message – Are You Living By Your Mantra?

Happy Friday everyone!

On the 6th January this year you shared with the team your mantra for 2017.  Motivated by New Year’s Resolutions and fresh from a restful break we all feel like this is the year we are going to do all those things we didn’t do last year.

So how is your mantra going?  Are you living it or has it fallen by the way side?

I am happy to report that I have been living my mantra of ‘be of service’ with lots of activities that align to this mantra.  However, what I have found even more interesting is how it has helped me guide some of my decisions.

Just in the last week I have been asked to support some people in different ways, with no direct benefit to me (although we always get benefit from helping others).  In some cases my first thought was ‘I am too busy’.  Then I remembered that my mantra and that I set it for a reason.  Because I decided that in 2017 I wanted to say yes to more things that I don’t directly benefit from AND I needed something to ensure I did that – the mantra.

Whilst I can’t be of service to others unless I am of service to myself first (put your own air mask on before you help others), I still know I can give more.

So what is your mantra and how many times have you lived it so far this year?  Is it time to stick it back up on your computer, fridge or shower to get you back on board with your 2017 commitment to yourself!


Something to reflect on over the weekend.


Love Sel