FRIDAY FOUNDERS MESSAGE - Are you living your set mantra? | Sue-Ellen Watts | No Plan B
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FRIDAY FOUNDERS MESSAGE – Are you living your set mantra?

Hi Team

With B1G1 still strong in our minds and the being halfway through the year, this is your mantra reminder call!! 

How are you going living your 2017 mantra?  I would love to hear how you have lived your mantra so far and what your plans are for the remainder of the year.

For those of you who are reading this cringing because you can’t remember what it is, or you haven’t thought about it since my last email, you may like to consider the following:

  • Do you have it clearly displayed where you can read it every day (shower, desk, desktop, fridge)?
  • Do you have a plan of activities that you could lock in to start living your behavior?
  • Is it still relevant to you? Maybe you have changed and something else connects better with you.  Don’t be afraid to scrap it and start a new one?

Personally I have found that this year has been my most successful ‘mantra year’ yet!  Why? Because I am doing all of the above!

Please share your wins and challenges with your 2017 mantra.  I am here to help anyone get on track with theirs if you need it.




This message was sent to the wattsnext team as part of the weekly Founders message.  When appropriate we like to share our internal learning and development with our community. I hope this is useful for you and your teams.