FRIDAY FOUNDERS MESSAGE - why such a rush? | Sue-Ellen Watts | No Plan B
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FRIDAY FOUNDERS MESSAGE – why such a rush?

Hi team!

I hope you have had a GREAT week!  I definitely have! 

There are lots of reasons my week has been great but one of them is because of the people I have met and been able to learn from.  I have had lots of really cool conversations with a variety of people doing a variety of cool things.   In particular lots of young entrepreneurs in the startup phases of their business journey (and by young I don’t necessarily mean age).

Their ideas and enthusiasm has been great to listen to although I did notice a common theme.  The theme of not giving things enough time to succeed. I thought this was a great share for the Founders Message this Friday.

I consistently heard stories of impatience around how long it was taking to grow their business, how they tried social media but it didn’t work and that if they had money it would solve all of their problems. 

What I saw in all of these people and their businesses was that they didn’t need money, they needed to give themselves time.  Everyone is in such a rush and so quick to quit on a strategy if it isn’t delivering tangible outcomes within a couple of weeks….(some were patient enough to give it a few months)!!!

I know our world is moving fast and we need to be quick in our activity but time gives us the ability to build strong relationships, delve into our work at a deeper level, give things a chance to catch up (we all know that from our social media strategy) and to learn from mistakes. 

There is nothing wrong with taking it slow and getting it right. I could see so many missed opportunities and missed learnings from these talented individuals just because they were too hasty to quit on a strategy and try something new before they had really given it a chance to succeed.

As you know wattsnext are still benefiting from relationships we built 10 years ago.

I love that we are in it for the long-haul for our clients and our own development. Something that I think is something we should never take for granted.  After all it’s all about lifelong learning!!

Have a great weekend

Sel x

This message was sent to the wattsnext team as part of the weekly Founders message.  When appropriate we like to share our internal learning and development with our community. I hope this is useful for you and your teams.