FRIDAY FOUNDERS MESSAGE - "STOP IT!!!!!" from the Universe | Sue-Ellen Watts | No Plan B
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FRIDAY FOUNDERS MESSAGE – “STOP IT!!!!!” from the Universe

Happy Friday peeps

Todays Friday Founders message is a story about gratitude, energy and not sweating the small stuff, all lessons delivered to me by the Universe yesterday.

Yesterday I was driving to my surfing lesson at Kirra Beach.  The last 5 times I’ve been surfing it has been in this area (relevant later in the story).

On the way I was stressing and getting myself totally worked up about a work related issue. I was completely overthinking the situation and getting myself in an upset state about it.  I felt really yuck and I had completely immersed myself in the yuck feeling (not controlling my headspace or energy at all)!

As I was driving I suddenly noticed that I had subconsciously taken a wrong turn to another beach.  I immediately thought to myself ‘why did I come here, I’ve been going to the same beach for the last 5 surfs, how weird I took this turn off’.

Anyway I continued past the beach carpark on my way to where I was actually meant to be.  Only 100m along there were people standing in the middle of the road telling the drivers to slow down.  I quickly noticed that a van had stopped in the middle of the road and a number of people were on the road and directing traffic.  I slowed down to pass and saw a kids bike completely crushed under the front right hand wheel of the van and behind the van was a child (about Digger’s age) helmet on, towel wrapped around him, lying on the road.  Even as I write this I have goose bumps.  It seemed like the child was responding however the look of that bike was not pretty.

As I drove off I had this intense feeling of gratitude for my 3 healthy happy boys who I knew were snuggled up asleep and safe at home. I also thought about how ridiculous my worries were just minutes before and how quickly my energy changed from being anxious and stressed to sad but relieved and grateful.  I then went on to think ‘who cares about this silly work issue (that was actually very silly), it’s not a big deal in the scheme of my life’.

I strongly believe that the universe stepped in after watching me wasting my precious energy on something that does not benefit me in any way.  I was directed to take a turn off I didn’t even realize I was taking to see something that would put my worries into perspective.  Yesterday the universe yelled loud and clear at me ’STOP IT! Stop worrying about something that doesn’t matter and connect and be grateful for the great things in your life.’  Like going surfing on a perfectly clear Queensland morning!

What things are you thinking about that do not serve you?  This may not be a message from the Universe but it’s a message from your Founder to say care for your thoughts this weekend…and those you love.

Much love

Sel xx


This message was sent to the wattsnext team as part of the weekly Founders message.  When appropriate we like to share our internal learning and development with our community. I hope this is useful for you and your teams.