Have you checked in with your energy? | Sue-Ellen Watts | No Plan B
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Have you checked in with your energy?

Hello from New York City!

A question? Have you taken a moment to connect with your energy this week?  How are you feeling right at this moment?  Are you relaxed, playful, stressed, anxious, bored, curious, engaged?  Now that you have stopped to think about this, how you are feeling right at this moment, what is your body telling you it needs?

Despite my continued jetlag and heavy head, for the last 4 hours I have been super engaged with the work I have been doing.  I started in a French café downstairs from my apartment where I ate a good brekkie and worked on budgets (I totally deserved that hot chocolate after that project was completed).  I had decided that after I finished I was going to go for a walk but when it came time to leave the cafe I was really connected to my work.  I was on a roll.  In my flow. So I moved back to my apartment, set up on my comfy couch overlooking the most inspiring city in the world and kept going.  It was great. I was ticking tasks of my list and focusing on one thing at a time until completed (as per my learning from last week’s blog).

However, after a couple of hours I noticed that my body started to feel uncomfortable and in particular anxious.  My heart started racing a little and I felt a little on edge.  Nothing had changed in my environment or the work I was doing.  So I just sat and got present with how I was feeling.  My flow and focus was coming to an end.  I was not feeling as good.  So, as I rarely do, I decided to listen to my body.  It was talking to me.  This time I was choosing to listen.  Time to get out in the New York air.  Go for walk. Close off from work for a bit. Maybe look at some shops…just look!

I have a work commitment in 3 hours and for me to be at my best for that I need to listen to my body right now.  So I am off for a walk to clear the head and get the blood flowing.  A great reward for a productive morning.

Enjoy your day everyone, and don’t forget to stop and listen to your body.  It’s on your team and wants you to be your best so listen to it!


Love from my favourite place

Sel xx