How much time do you spend in ideation mode? | Sue-Ellen Watts | No Plan B
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How much time do you spend in ideation mode?

How much time this week have you spent in ideation mode (yes yes I am writing this from San Francisco)?  But seriously.  With delivering great work to clients, focusing on prospecting and business development, keeping on top of your industry knowledge and connecting with your colleagues, how do you make time to think differently?


Ideation is the formation of ideas and concepts.  It is really easy in the busyness of everyday life to start to churn out work.  Do what you know.  But what if there is a better way?  What if you can achieve better results for your clients?  What if you can have more fun with the work you do?


Taking time to ideate is a great way to keep providing innovative solutions to our clients and keep you engaged with your work.  Block out the boardroom or the deck, and take some time to think.  Create.  There are not many bigger whiteboards than ours so use it to scribble, mind map, offload any ideas in your head.  Even better, take one of your colleagues with you.  Two heads are better than one, right?


This insight first appeared in the weekly internal wattsnext Founders Message on Friday 10th February 2017