Your playlist is one of your most powerful business tools | Sue-Ellen Watts | No Plan B
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Your playlist is one of your most powerful business tools

As a music lover I always have music playing, whether it be in the car, at home, whilst on the plane and of course when exercising.  I have an eclectic taste in music, matching the artist or song to the activity I am doing at the time.

As a result my kids also have an appreciation for music and love singing along to my latest favourite tune.  Over the weekend I managed to get them to leave their mates for an hour to come out for lunch. When they got in the car they were all revved up from running around; loud, boisterous and sweaty!  So I pulled out my favourite tool.  My playlist! I proceeded to put on some calming music.  The effect was amazing.  There was silence in my car (which is a miracle with 3 young boys).  Their state had gone from high energy to calm and relaxed.

This made me think about how much I use music in my work life and in particular took me back 3 years earlier when my youngest was still a baby.

I was working full time whilst also breastfeeding ‘full time’.  This was a challenging juggle to say the least and one of my best tools was again my playlist.  Three times a day I would drive home to breastfeed before returning to work.  It was only a short drive between my office and home but I needed to change very different states for these two activities in that drive time.

So I put in place a ‘music’ routine! On the way to work I would crank up the volume and play dance music all the way to work.  I would sing and bop along with the aim of getting my energy up for the work ahead.  Three hours later I was back in the car but this time I would play slow, quiet, calming music to reduce my adrenalin and get me in a motherly state.  This meant I could walk in, kick off the stilettos and connect with my baby easily and calmly allowing him to feed well and me to relax.  After a cuddle I was back in the stillettos, lippy on and in the car with the music pumping, ready for the next meeting, presentation or decision to make.

I had to wear two very different hats multiple times a day to be successful in both.  I am not sure if I could’ve successfully juggled my hectic work and breastfeeding schedule without my playlist.

I have spoken to friends about this and they have shared stories of using music to help them, whether it be pumping them up for a business pitch, or preparing for a sporting match. Music also played an important part in getting me through some particularly difficult work challenges last year, ensuring I was in the right state for my team.

Alongside mentors, business books, conferences, exercise, friends etc, the playlist is a very important tool in my business toolkit. On a daily basis it helps me achieve the state I need to be in to achieve the results I am aiming for.

I would love to hear how you use music in your day to achieve your goals.