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Scrappi was founded in Silicon Valley in September 2016 whilst on an Innovation Gathering with 12 other Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Executives from an array of Australian businesses.

This five-day gathering consisted of an intense schedule visiting companies such as Twitter, Thumbtack, Google, Box, Mopub, Comet Labs, Google Capital, AirBNB, Singularity University, Go Daddy and Tesla. In between these amazing onsite visits we also met and chatted to entrepreneurs both Australian and from other parts of the globe who had located to San Francisco to pursue their tech start-up dreams.

As someone who has always been interested in anything start-up, tech and entrepreneurial, it was an extremely inspiring and eye opening adventure. I was exposed to insights into how these businesses were founded and have scaled to have considerable impact in our world.

One of the many ‘buzz’ words or consistent descriptions for the start-ups of Silicon Valley was the term ‘scrappy’! This referred to how a start-up runs as it scales – disorganised, untidy, incomplete but with a commitment to speed and getting s#@t done! From this I finally gave my newest venture the name it deserves ‘SCRAPPI’!

So what is Scrappi?

Scrappi is a reverse incubator.

We build tech startups that focus solely on solving global problems which we do by fostering a team of super talented intrapreneurs.  Our goal is to turn the buzz world of entrepreneurialism on its head to create sustainable businesses that change the world.

We can best be described as a startup factory that builds several companies in succession.  We are not what you may think of as an accelerator or incubator.  Think reverse!  We focus on creating and building companies from mostly internal ideas using the same internal team.

We undertake rapid development and prototyping using pooled resources whilst allowing our team to become owners in our successful businesses.

Visit our website to learn more about Scrappi and  follow us on instagram and twitter @scrappistartup to watch our exciting journey.

I look forward to keeping you posted on the creation of this Silicon Valley baby.

Cheering on startups with the truth about building a business.