Stop bragging about how little sleep you are getting – its tiring! | Sue-Ellen Watts | No Plan B
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Stop bragging about how little sleep you are getting – its tiring!

I am a little tired.  Tired not because I am working through the night on my new businesses.  Tired not because I am so important being the CEO of my company. Tired not because I am  a mother of 3.  Tired not because the world will not continue if I am sleeping.

I am tired of listening to ‘no sleep bragging’! Yes that it my own invented term. As a business owner, mother, woman, human I get the no sleep thing!  We all have our own relationship with sleep – when, where, how long, how hard, who with!

However just like we have asked people to stop using ‘busy’ as a badge of honour can we please stop using ‘lack of sleep time’ as a badge of honour?  Sleeping only 3 hours a night because you are changing the world does not make you a more successful or committed business person, entrepreneur or parent.  In fact based on studies you are likely to be less effective, more unhealthy and prone to depression!

How often do you hear an elite sportsman brag about the little amount of sleep they are getting? Never!  Because they know they will not able to perform at their peak if their body and mind is not rested. However in business, there is a hero complex around being so busy and important that there is no time for sleep.  This is apparently something we should admire and look up to.  If they don’t have time for sleep they must really be successful.

I absolutely have times in my life where sleep is sacrificed for other important tasks.  (Unfortunately, often my lack of sleep is not of my choice as my body desperately wants to sleep but my mind is having a little trouble closing off for the day!) However choosing to sacrifice sleep is not something to brag about because ultimately I know that whilst it gives me more time, after a week of 4 hours of sleep per night I am irritable, craving sugar, not making strong decisions, exercising less and look worn out.

The last thing I want is my staff or mentees thinking that to be successful they should be sleeping less.  I want them to perform at their best which means their bodies and minds need rest.  So as a leader bragging about how I don’t have time to sleep is not sending the example I want to set.  Plus it makes me look like I have less control over my own life.

Please join me in a new movement! Bragging about how well rested we are and as a result how many awesome goals we are kicking!!  Sweet dreams!