This uppercut went straight to my vision board | Sue-Ellen Watts | No Plan B
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This uppercut went straight to my vision board

I was recently messaging a friend of mine who is a well-respected and successful CEO of a prominent Australian business.  I shared with her that I currently have some crazy plans for my new business.  She said to me that crazy plans keep you sane and curious! I loved this response because curiosity is my most favourite trait (it is also good to keep sane when you can)!

I then went on to share that some of my current goals are so big that I am too embarrassed to even say them out loud!   Her response was awesome!  It went exactly like this “Rubbish.  Scream them to the world and tell your truth.  They are your goals and you are proud of them so go for it.”

We know the stats, we are more likely to achieve our goals when we write them down, then the odds go up even more if we share them with others.  I guess it all comes down to keeping ourselves accountable.

The uppercut (wrapped in love) that my friend gave me was perfect.  It was the perfect timing and exactly what I needed to hear.  Right now my business goals need to be kept under wraps due to the confidential nature of them however at the time I wasn’t even brave enough to admit them to myself.

So after receiving this message I went straight to my vision board and placed my super hairy, super audacious goal smack bang in the middle of it.  I have said it out loud to myself and that in itself has taken me one step closer to achieving it!