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My company wattsnext is the result of 15 years’ experience as both a recruiter and human resource professional across a variety of businesses, industries and states.

This experience, coupled with my drive and passion to succeed in my own start-up, led to the innovative creation of wattsnext in 2007.

Our growing and dedicated team are thought leaders in:

  • people performance
  • workplace culture, and
  • HR trends and recruitment strategy

With a burning mission to create great workplaces across the world, me and my wattsnext team are high performing experts in helping business owners, CEO’s and key decision makers enhance their workplace culture.

The heart of my business approach is explained best in the wattsnext mission.

What is that, you ask? Simple. To create great workplaces because:

  • We believe that people are happier and contribute more to their families, communities and cities if they work for great workplaces
  • We believe that workplaces differ in their forms of being great
  • We believe in the positive ripple effect that people employed in great workplaces can have in the world
  • The more great workplaces we can create through our work, the bigger impact we can have and contribute to making the world a happier, smarter, more inclusive, diverse and richer place for everyone to enjoy. Ultimately leaving it better than when we arrived!

This is achieved by implementing a HR strategy that drives business performance, increases staff productivity and engagement.  A true disruptor of the HR and Recruitment industry, everyone at wattsnext takes a commercial approach to people management.

As a result of our innovative approach, I am immensely proud that wattsnext has grown from a small start up to a grown-up, successful company servicing clients in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and the USA.

With our headquarters in Brisbane, I opened our Sydney office in 2015 and we are now currently working on innovative ways of making our customer experience even more impactful as well as provide a more cost effective service for the startup community.

Want to make your business amazing?