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While this vision board may be masquerading as my personally branded web site, at the heart of it, this is an online hub for my purest ideas, fears, dreams, triumphs and hard-fought lessons.

This is a space I have curated to not only showcase what my life as Founder and CEO of HR company wattsnext is really all about , but this space serves as a far more personal arena where I can, among many things:

  • Candidly share my biggest musings and fiercest struggles facing modern companies of all shapes and sizes.
  • Reflect on my own journey heading up a rapidly expanding business that has offices in Brisbane and Sydney and services clients all over Australia.
  • Grapple with the highs and lows that have taken me from my start-up days to the new challenges of leading an established business and now heading back to start-up days with some ventures brewing.
  • Create a photographic and visual display of the powerful quotes, photo-worthy moments, including my obsessive connection to New York and everything in between.
  • Fuel healthy debates on work, passion, life and success and hopefully light the fires in the belly of other entrepreneurs across Australia and beyond.

Looking forward to having you all on my journey. Along the way, I hope you too can find nuggets of gold that resonate and rumble through my blogs, presentation and speaker engagements and random declarations of vulnerability.

Let’s do this.

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Join me where I’m at – either as guest speaker, attendee or fanatical supporter.

SHRM 2017 Annual Conference & Exhibition - New Orleans 18-21 Jun

SHRM 2017 Annual Conference & Exhibition - New Orleans 18-21 Jun

SHRM is the largest global HR conference in the world and this year is in New Orleans! Even better than the international speakers and location is that this year 2 wattsnexters join me on the SHRM Blog squad where we will share all of the excitement on social media throughout the event.


2017 Global Leadership Conference - Frankfurt 29 Apr - 2 May

2017 Global Leadership Conference - Frankfurt 29 Apr - 2 May

This year I join the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) Brisbane Chapter Leadership Board for the first time.  I am excited to give back to an organization and network that has given me so much. It is a bonus that my training is in Franfurt with the EO Board members from all over the globe!  This is going to be good.


Mentor Walks Australia - Brisbane Monthly

Mentor Walks Australia - Brisbane Monthly

Mentor Walks Australia connects female leaders on the cusp of making a mark in chosen area, with established achievers in our diverse business community. I am very humbled to be a mentor to the amazing women ready to make their mark! Join me at the Botanic Gardens for a chat and a stroll.


B1G1 Conference 7th-8th July, Gold Coast

B1G1 Conference 7th-8th July, Gold Coast

B1G1 is a social enterprise with a mission to create a world that is full of giving. Myself and the wattsnext team absolutely love our partnership with B1G1 and this year I am beyond excited to be speaking at their 10th Anniversary conference!



My regular dose of blogging is part cathartic therapy, part celebration and plenty of quirkiness. After all, being a true leader is about sharing who we are when we are free to dance to our own beat.

  • Hi All I don’t know about you guys, but when I have a lot on my plate I often find that whatever I am working on I feel like I should be working on something else.  This feeling of the juggle makes me feel anxious,......

  • Morning All Earlier in the year we heard the quote ‘Happiness is progress’. I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I work through my current workload.  It is all about progress. Am I making incremental, consistent steps forward, towards my goal?  There......

  • I am a little tired.  Tired not because I am working through the night on my new businesses.  Tired not because I am so important being the CEO of my company. Tired not because I am  a mother of 3.  Tired not because the world......

  •   A probation period in most businesses is seen as an employers ‘get out of jail free card’ with them thinking that if their new recruit doesn’t quite cut the mustard they can exit them easily. Well yes, this is true to a point but in......

  • It’s Friday already! The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine – Mike Murdock So you all know how pedantic I am about self management!  You have all been equipped with the best tools to be your best – your trusty task......

  • Wellness in the workplace has again hit the ‘Workplace trends’ lists for 2017 as companies use wellness programs to reduce absenteeism and attract talent. It’s not a surprise, as employees continue to become more health conscious and employers recognise workplace stress as the biggest health......

Please share your journey with me. I would love to hear from you!

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