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While this vision board may be masquerading as my personally branded web site, at the heart of it, this is an online hub for my purest ideas, fears, dreams, triumphs and hard-fought lessons.

This is a space I have curated to not only showcase what my life as Founder and CEO of HR company wattsnext is really all about , but this space serves as a far more personal arena where I can, among many things:

  • Candidly share my biggest musings and fiercest struggles facing modern companies of all shapes and sizes.
  • Reflect on my own journey heading up a rapidly expanding business that has offices in Brisbane and Sydney and services clients all over Australia.
  • Grapple with the highs and lows that have taken me from my start-up days to the new challenges of leading an established business and now heading back to start-up days with some ventures brewing.
  • Create a photographic and visual display of the powerful quotes, photo-worthy moments, including my obsessive connection to New York and everything in between.
  • Fuel healthy debates on work, passion, life and success and hopefully light the fires in the belly of other entrepreneurs across Australia and beyond.

Looking forward to having you all on my journey. Along the way, I hope you too can find nuggets of gold that resonate and rumble through my blogs, presentation and speaker engagements and random declarations of vulnerability.

Let’s do this.

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Join me where I’m at – either as guest speaker, attendee or fanatical supporter.

YSS Kickstarter Campaign 16 October - 08 November

YSS Kickstarter Campaign 16 October - 08 November

Imagine a platform that gets kids all over the world excited about reading and writing!  Your Secret Sauce is exactly that – and it was created by a kid, for kids!

On the 16th of October, YSS launch their kickstarter campaign to help us turn this idea into a reality, so if you’re interested in this project and want to play your part in improving global literacy levels subscribe to the YSS website today.

2017 EO Hyperabad University - INDIA 25-29 OCTOBER

2017 EO Hyperabad University - INDIA 25-29 OCTOBER

Located in India, Hyderabad will host the city’s first EO University conference, with a theme of Jugaad. This philosophy encapsulates India’s frugal, yet innovative approach to business, as well as life—a homegrown way of doing more with less, and of finding method in the madness.


Melbourne Cup & wattnext Strategy Day - 07 Nov

Melbourne Cup & wattnext Strategy Day - 07 Nov

Famously known as the day a “race stops the nation”, Melbourne Cup is a day the wattsnext team kick it up a gear with our quarterly strategy day.  Never ones to miss out on a celebration, it will be followed by a 3 course lunch out on the town and the chance to back a winner.

Virgin Unite - 06 December

Virgin Unite - 06 December

Virgin Unite supports the BT Team’s 100% Human at Work initiative that bring a group of business leaders together to find a more human way to lead business.



My regular dose of blogging is part cathartic therapy, part celebration and plenty of quirkiness. After all, being a true leader is about sharing who we are when we are free to dance to our own beat.

  • It was only my second ‘grown up’ job and I was still on a very modest salary package.  I was at the start of my career and had a lot more to learn from my employer than I could offer in return.  So how did......

  • Can we please get over the ‘syndromes’!  You know, the ones we all say we experience and want really successful people to acknowledge that they feel too so we can own them even more. The key ones I am asked about regularly are Mother Guilt,......

  • If you didn’t already know I am a Gary Vaynerchuk fan!  I am a 100% committed to the Gary V movement.  I have flown not once, but twice from Australia to New York just to see him in the flesh and spend time in his......

  • When someone tells you they are going to Mars on a one way trip, it takes a moment for your mind to compute. Mars! Wow! Hang on a minute, did you say one way? I can only imagine the questions that Dianne McGrath gets being......

  • It is only a few months in so I wouldn’t expect there to be too much drama at this point or that much to share and it probably seems silly I am even blogging about this. However I really want to document this most recent......

  • I was recently messaging a friend of mine who is a well-respected and successful CEO of a prominent Australian business.  I shared with her that I currently have some crazy plans for my new business.  She said to me that crazy plans keep you sane......

Please share your journey with me. I would love to hear from you!

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